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How To Gain 30$ Balloon Backdrop| Balloon Decoration Tips for Ease of Use

The balloon garland does not seem solemn, very suitable for creating a relaxed and lively ambiance. Balloon wall are great for birthday parties. As children, we like balloons, because balloons are very light, can fly in the air, and releasing balloons is like releasing hope. Balloon decorations are now a common decoration. How to decorate a birthday backdrop? It must be difficult for some parents to plan a party for their children. This arrangement will be brightened by balloons as the “main character.

balloon wall

There is no charge for buying balloons in the supermarket or online. You can find them at any supermarket or online. 30-50$ can be set up beautiful balloon backdrop for birthday party . Or you can also look at the online store to configure a balloon wall package.

Materials needed.

  1. rain silk curtain 5$
  2. Latex balloons 2$
  3. letter balloons and number balloons 3$
  4. Pentagon balloons 2$
  5. All kinds of aluminum film material cartoon characters balloon 7$
  6. Paper fan flowers 2$
  7. pump and transparent glue free
how to DIY a balloon wall

3 Steps To Quickly Create A Beautiful Balloon Backdrop

1. Making backdrop

According to the desired effect to buy different colors of rain curtain, girls can buy pink rain curtain, boys can buy blue rain curtain. Before buying to measure the length and width of the backdrop, in general, buy 2M * 2M rain curtains.

2. Decorate the background wall

With your favorite balloon arrangement. Balloons made of latex can be inflated and glued to the backdrop with adhesive dots. Buy “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” letter balloons and number balloons according to age for birthday parties. The backdrop is always decorated with letter balloons reflecting the theme of the party. After that, you can decorate the rest of the area with poinsettia balloons, musical note balloons, and paper fan flowers.

3. A balloon arrangement with cartoon characters

Made from aluminum film material according to their preferences. For boys, you can buy Iron Man or Captain America. For girls, you can buy Barbie or unicorns. As soon as the ball is played, balloons made of aluminum film material can be placed in front of the backdrop. The backdrop is made of various themes. If you want a more beautiful or special backdrop, you can buy other types of balloons according to their needs.

A balloon arrangement with cartoon characters
A balloon arrangement with cartoon characters

Once the balloon wall is set up, you can wait for your friends to arrive. The backdrop is not suitable for very early decoration, because the balloons may leak. Balloon wall decoration is the most suitable for children’s birthday party decoration materials, the use of balloons can be dressed up other scenes, such as balloon arches, balloon embellishment, release balloons and so on. The proper use of balloons will add a relaxed atmosphere to different occasions. Want to know more information about balloon arrangement can follow me, we are here to meet romantic, romance is actually very simple.

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