Rustic Christmas cream pumpkin wreath

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New Year Foliage Wreath from Finessepet – A dimensional holiday decoration crafted from super-realistic silk flowers and foliage. Featuring creamy shades of pumpkin and gourds alongside lifelike eucalyptus branches and longer ‘bunny ear’ leaves, this wreath makes a festive statement without using traditional pine or holly greens. Measuring 15.75 inches in diameter by 3.15 inches in depth, it offers lush greenery right up to the edges for maximum curb appeal. Hang on your front door, mantle or wall to add warm, rustic charm to any home this Christmas season and holiday season.


  • Hand crafted from silk – will not drop needles or wilt like fresh greens
  • Vivid autumnal tones of pumpkin, gourds and berries for festive flair
  •  Dimensional design with fuller greenery than a traditional flat wreath
  • Realistic eucalyptus branches and bunny ear leaves for natural texture
  • Long lasting decoration – no watering or maintenance required
  • Size allows display on doors, mantles and indoor/outdoor walls
  • Wreath hanger included for easy hanging
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Captivate Your Guests with a Vibrant Holiday Front Porch Decoration

Meticulously Handcrafted: Lifelike Details of the New Year Foliage Wreath

Hand Crafted From Silk

Will not drop needles or wilt like fresh greens

Dimensional Design with Fuller

Dimensional design with fuller greenery than a traditional flat wreath

Long Lasting Decoration

No watering or maintenance required

Elevate Your Front Porch with the Exquisite New Year Foliage Wreath

New Year foliage

Crafter’s Fairy Tales

The Magic Pumpkin Wreath

When I picked up the withered maple leaves piled at the edge of the field, an autumn breeze blew by, swirling the leaves in my palm into an intricate totem. I knew it was the Earth Goddess calling out to me.

I carefully kept the totem, gathering ripe pumpkins along the road and the last blooms of fall. With heart, I wove a giant fall pumpkin wreath, infusing it with nature’s magic.

When I solemnly hung this fall wreath on the altar tree, a ray of light burst forth from the wreath’s center. I knew this magic pumpkin wreath would bring bountiful harvest and peace to our tribe.

As children laughed and ran under the tree, the fall wreath brought them life and hope. As elders prayed devoutly, the fall wreath granted them the power of prophecy. This magic pumpkin wreath was a gift from the Earth Goddess, enriching our lives with its magic.



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15.75inches (40cm)

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