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Having trouble winding down for sleep? This sleep pod featured on the popular startup show Shark Tank utilizes innovative technology to help you relax and drift into deep, restful sleep. Made of soft, breathable material, it provides gentle pressure to reduce anxiety and aid sleep. It’s a lightweight alternative to bulky weighted blankets.

Unlike tightly wrapped weighted blankets, this sleep pod is flexible and breathable. The slim, stretchy fabric hugs your body with comforting warmth, without risk of overheating. Adjustable foot openings let you keep feet tucked or untucked. Simply slip it on in bed for instant relaxation anytime.

  • Hooded Sleep Pod for Soothing, Calm Sleep
  • Experience a Warm, Soothing Embrace
  • Fits All Body Types and Sleeping Positions
  • Clinically Proven to Enhance Sleep and Reduce Anxiety
Size Guide:
Small Size 00 to 6 or 22″ to 27″ waise
Medium Size 8 to 12 or 28″ to 33″ waise
Large Size 14 to 22 or 34″ to 41″ waise
XL Size 24 to 32 or 42″ to 52″ waise
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Sleep Pod Move - The Weighted Blanket for Ultimate Relaxation

Wearable Weighted Blanket for Adults Provides Soothing Full Body Hug

Find Tranquility

The Sleep Pod Move’s gentle embrace is clinically shown to lower stress and anxiety by decreasing cortisol. Feel calm as its hug-like pressure melts away tension and worry.

Achieve Deep Sleep

This sleep pod’s ergonomic weight system encourages natural deep sleep cycles, according to research. The cozy heaviness increases relaxation for rejuvenating rest all night.

Awaken Feeling Content

The Sleep Pod Move blanket boosts mood with its snuggly embrace, helping you arise refreshed and cheerful, ready to seize the day. Reduce anxiety and find happiness.

Hooded Sleep Pod Move VS Sensory Blanket

Crafter’s Fairy Tales

A Cozy Embrace - Dreamland with My Sleep Pod

Moonlight shone into the room as the clock on the wall ticked away. I closed Pride and Prejudice and put on my soft pajamas and sleep pod hoodie.

As I slid into bed, the world suddenly fell silent. I wrapped myself in the warm embrace, as if returning to my childhood bed. In this sleep pod, I found long-lost tranquility.

There was no noise, only calm. I curled up in this comforting cocoon, listening to my steady breaths. The wearable blanket hugged my whole body, my mind drifted away, leaving only coziness and relaxation.

I smiled to myself, tonight will be a sweet dream. In the dream, I was back in the flower fields, wind caressing my face, carrying the fragrance of early summer…

This time, I will cherish every moment of quietude, savoring the hard-earned sleep…



Shipping & Returns

Orders are typically shipped within 24-48 hours of being placed. We offer a 30-night sleep guarantee.

Care Guide

Sleep Pod does not require any specialized care. For best results, wash in warm water and tumble dry medium with Sleep Pod flipped inside out.

In-Between Sizes?

If you are right between sizes and you are someone who likes to sleep while hugging pillows and/or between your legs, we would suggest sizing up.

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