40 inch Rose Gold Number 4 Balloon


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πŸ‘‘40 inch Rose Gold Number Balloon for Birthday Party Decor –Number 4 Balloon🎈

number 4 balloon

Do you want to prepare an Rose Gold Number Balloon 4 for your birthday? These rose gold number balloons 2 are perfect for Coachella themed birthday party supplies or to decorate your 2nd or 20th birthday party decoration, anniversary, young girl’s party, or any other unforgettable moment of your celebration!. Helium Digital Balloon Rose Gold Bag will realize your dream partnumber 1 balloon number 1 balloon number 4 balloon

40 inch Large rose gold number balloon.highlight of your party.
Material of Digital Number Balloons is foil, Made of 100% environmentally
It makes the party more special significance impressive. Similar to birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, wedding anniversaries, special commemorative festivals, and so on.

The balloon can be inflated using a straw or activation device.

The balloon could be inflated up to 80%~90%.When the balloon surface is inflated to inflate. Aluminum foil has no elasticity, and over-inflation will cause an explosion.

40″ Rose Gold Number 4 Balloon product details:

  • Foil
  • Self-sealing
  • Reusable

πŸ‘‘πŸŽˆπŸ‘‰: 40 inch Rose Gold Number 1 Balloon

Number Balloon

40" Number 4 Balloon x 1, 40" Number 4 Balloon x 10, 40" Number 4 Balloon x 20

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