24inch Bobo Balloon Transparent Clear with Birthday Stickers DIY Decor Helium Inflatable


What do you put in a Bobo Balloon?

🎈We recommend using light weight filler, such as nail glitter, paper confetti, foil confetti, feathers, no more than 10 grams, if too heavy, the balloon will not fly after it is inflated with helium.

Bobo balloon ideas for Birthday

🎈Inflate bubble balloon to round shape first, then release air, put small balloons in bubble balloon, inflate small balloon, and turn the air port into a knot, till each small balloon is inflated. Lastly, inflate the bubble balloon again with either helium or air. Air balloons cannot fly.

🎈It is very elastic, so feel free to inflate it as much as you like. Please continue to inflate until the surface is as smooth as our picture, without any wrinkles. You should continue inflating if there are wrinkles on your pillow.

The Complete DIY Bobo Balloons Kit You Get:

  • 1pcs x 24 inch height clear bobble balloon
  • 8pcs x 5 inches metal / advanced latex small balloon
  • 1 decorative tassel
  • 1 butterfly ribbon

Buy 3 Sets Get Free Pump!!


  • Please inflate with normal air or helium, DO NOT inflate hydrogen or other flammable and explosive gases.



Olive Green, Princess Pink

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